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Sailing in Croatia 2016

Let's make an awesome holiday! Sailing is a lot of fun, and Croatia is beautiful. Food and clean water on board, Sun in the skies, the sea below, wait for the wind, and sail away!


TBD. The first plan was 2016-06-11 to 2016-06-18, but

  • Edgar would have to come a day later
  • Jonas is not available

So please fill out this sheet so I can schedule it again. //

Who's in?

Who is interested? Preliminary list, does not mean commitment. Delete yourself if you know that this is not for you.

  • Zoé
  • Jonica
  • Christine?
  • Aron
  • Kathrin
  • Edgar
  • Jonas
  • Till?
  • Silja
  • Andi?

The ship has 5 cabins, and should be comfortable for 11 people.

Later on, we will do a get-together, to see if everyone is comfortable with the others. The ship has a small living space. This doesn't mean there will be no privacy, but it can be tricky to escape in the middle of nowhere.


We rent a sailboat, and have fun. Zoé has a skipper license and already did this before a couple of times (with family).


In Croatia. We could start basically anywhere, and sail to wherever we want. 60 nm (108 km) a day are not hard to make, you might look at the map. We must not have anything particular in mind, we can decide on spot where to go next. That's the most fun part.


Obviously the rent is the most expensive part, around 3.6 k€. All costs and payments are public, and no profit will be made.

If we want a motor for the dinghy, that's 80 € extra. I would go for it.

There has to be a deposit paid for the yacht, 2000 €. We either buy insurance OR pay the deposit. The insurance is usually a few hundred euros, and I would rather go with the deposit if everyone agrees. Drawback is that if we break something, we have to pay for it. This does not happen usually.


The Ship

I'm going to get a 50' sailing yacht, for example a . Bavaria 50C

What to eat

We can cook on board. There'll be a stove, 2 refrigerators, and an oven too. We can cook common vegan food, and if someone can't live without meat, they can fix it for themselves.

List the food ideas next, so we can get the supplies.

  • Fried plantains!
  • Couscous
  • Avocados (a lot)
  • All kinds of vegetables!

What to drink

Water, tea. Some people might want alcohol. Discuss it here.

How to get there

By car, it's the most flexible and cheapest option. It's not too far away. If someone wants to, or has to, they can fly too. To get the supplies on board, we will need a car there, and it makes the most sense to drive down with at least one car.


Basically everyonce can do whatever they want. Here are some ideas that might need preparation in advance.

Sun and Sea


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