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Set sail!

Sailing is amazing: Sea. Sun. Inhabited islands. Freedom.

A Ship is mobile, yet comfortable. Slow, but keeps sailing. So let's make a great adventure, explore the beauties of the Adriatic!

The Idea

Let's rent a sailyacht in the Adriatic see in the summer of 2015! This wiki page should be the central hub of organizing this project.


If given enough interested people, we can organize a team, find and book a ship early.



The main season (July - August) is unpreferred, as the rental costs are considerably higher, yet the weather is not much better compared to June or late August.

Late autumn and winter is hardcore, as the probability of stormy weather is much higher, and therefore less fun. Furthermore a water temperature above 20 degrees is desired for swimming.


The most significant cost is the yacht rent. This variies depending on ship size and age. As an example a 50-feet Bavaria yacht with 5 cabins for 10 people is given:

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